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Brass Electric Strike Keeper for Single Doors (2 suppliers)
Brass Electrical Accessories (24 suppliers)
Brass Electrical Earth Pins (5 suppliers)
Brass Electrical Parts (32 suppliers)
Brass Electrical Plungers (7 suppliers)
Brass End Caps (2 suppliers)
Brass Engraving and Etching (2 suppliers)
Brass Engraving Services (2 suppliers)
Brass Exhaust Manifold Plugs (2 suppliers)
Brass Expansion Ring (2 suppliers)
Brass Extension Elbows (7 suppliers)
Brass Extension Fittings (7 suppliers)
Brass Extension Plugs (3 suppliers)
Brass Extension Torch Kits (2 suppliers)
Brass Extensions (0 suppliers)
Brass Extruded Bars (2 suppliers)
Brass Extruded Female Crosses (2 suppliers)
Brass Extruded Rods (16 suppliers)
Brass Extrusion Bars (2 suppliers)
Brass Extrusion Rods (9 suppliers)
Brass Extrusions (10 suppliers)
Brass Eyelet Bushing (3 suppliers)
Brass Fabrication (7 suppliers)
Brass Fasteners (157 suppliers)
Brass fastener is a stationary product, which is used for securing multiple sheets of paper together. The fastener is inserted into punched holes in the stack of paper and the leaves, or tines, of the legs are separated and bent over to secure the paper. It holds the pin in place and the sheets of paper together. These holes can be made using the sharp end of the fastener. Brass fasteners are also used for door hardware. A brass fastener is similar in design and function to the mechanical counterpart cotter pins.
Brass Faucet Connectors (1 supplier)
Brass Female Coupling (3 suppliers)
Brass Female Inserts (11 suppliers)
Brass Female NPT Reducer Coupling (2 suppliers)
Brass Female Pipe Coupling (4 suppliers)
Brass Female Pipe Swivel (1 supplier)
Brass Female Pipe Tee (5 suppliers)
Brass Female Pipe Union (5 suppliers)
Brass Ferrule Fittings (5 suppliers)
Brass Ferrules (1 supplier)
Brass Fine Castings (5 suppliers)
Brass Finish Edge Mount Standoffs (2 suppliers)
Brass Finish Slot Mount Standoffs (1 supplier)
Brass Finish Ultrasonic Inserts (1 supplier)
Brass Finish Washers (9 suppliers)
Brass Finned Tubes (3 suppliers)
Brass Fire Hose Accessories (3 suppliers)
Brass Fire Hose Adapters (1 supplier)
Brass Fire Hose Couplings (1 supplier)
Brass Fitting Water Meters (1 supplier)
Brass Fittings (196 suppliers)
Brass Fittings, Architectural (1 supplier)
Brass Flanged Cover With Screw Plugs (1 supplier)
Brass Flanges (14 suppliers)
Brass Flanges consist of copper and zinc, the proportions of zinc and copper can be varied to create a range of brass flanges each with unique properties. Brass flanges are relatively resistant to tarnishing. Brass has an excellent flow characteristic, which helps in casting flanges quickly. Brass flanges have good malleability, flexibility and high heat resistance. Some of the flanges are made up of special brass called dezincification resistant brasses, which is used in large corrosion risk and where normal brasses do not meet the standards also it is used in applications with high water temperatures, chlorides present and deviating water qualities.
Brass Flare Fittings (16 suppliers)
Brass Flat Head Slotted Wood Screws (2 suppliers)
7901 to 7950 of 10781 results  Page: << Previous 50 Results 140 141 142 143 144 145 146 147 148 149 150 151 152 153 154 155 156 157 158 [159] 160 >> Next 50 Results
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