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W Channels (0 suppliers)
W Radiant Tube Assemblies (1 supplier)
W Shaped Finned Tubular Heaters (1 supplier)
W-Band Waveguide Devices (1 supplier)
W-Design Expansion Joints (1 supplier)
W178.2 Certified Visual Welding Inspections (1 supplier)
Wacker Dirt Vibrators (1 supplier)
Wadding Machine (6 suppliers)
Wading Rod Outfits (1 supplier)
Wadsworth Packaged Circuit Breaker (1 supplier)
Waether Proof Tilt Switches (1 supplier)
Wafer Back Pressure Check Valves (1 supplier)
Wafer Boats (1 supplier)
Wafer Body Double Disc Check Valves (2 suppliers)
Wafer Bonders (4 suppliers)
Wafer Bonding Services (1 supplier)
Wafer Center Guided Silent Check Valves (2 suppliers)
Wafer Check Valves (108 suppliers)
Wafer check valves are used as an effective solution for the prevention of reverse flow in pipes carrying most types of liquids, steam gases and vapors. They are designed to fit between two pipeline flanges. It consists of quick plate closing, which reduces slamming. These valves are applied in steam boiler flooding protection, pipeline fitting protection, prevention of reverse flow and vacuum breakers. Wafer check valves are available in all types of valve materials like bronze, cast-iron, steel and corrosion-resistant alloys. It can be easily lined with non-metallic material for use with corrosive fluids or fluids containing abrasive particles.
Wafer Chip Sorters (1 supplier)
Wafer Cleaners (3 suppliers)
Wafer Cutting for Custom Electronic CO Sensors (1 supplier)
Wafer Dampers (4 suppliers)
Wafer Demounters (1 supplier)
Wafer Dispensing Systems (1 supplier)
Wafer Dispensing System delivers a wafer to be tested to a position under the probe card, aligns the wafer and raises it until electrical connection is established between the probes and the I/O pads of a DUT and it is controlled to raise the wafer a predetermined distance beyond the first point of contact to force a proper contact with all the probes.
Wafer Edge Defect Detectors (1 supplier)
Wafer Ends Butterfly Valves (8 suppliers)
Wafer Escalators (4 suppliers)
Wafer Excess Flow Check Valves (1 supplier)
Wafer Fabrication Safety Workshop (1 supplier)
Wafer Flange Polypropylene Butterfly Valves (1 supplier)
Wafer Flowtube Sensor (1 supplier)
Wafer Fuses (1 supplier)
Wafer Gripper (1 supplier)
Wafer handling robots (2 suppliers)
Wafer handling robots is fully automated retention bake system to replace the existing manual operation. The system handles 150 silicon wafers from an incoming shipping container to the test chamber to an outgoing shipping container. It includes fully automated process control, insure wafer integrity without damage and meet class 10 clean room standard. It provides efficient use of clean room floor space. It has fully automated process the robot must load and unload a pair of ovens with four horizontal floors situated face to face. The loading process begins with a shipping box, which the robot loads into the oven. It returns to its safety position and the bake sequence is started.
Wafer Handling Systems (15 suppliers)
Wafer Handling Tips (1 supplier)
Wafer Handling Tweezers (1 supplier)
Wafer Head Drillers (1 supplier)
Wafer Head Reamer (1 supplier)
Wafer Head Screws (1 supplier)
Wafer Head Sheet Metal Screws (2 suppliers)
Wafer Heaters (1 supplier)
Wafer ID Sorters (1 supplier)
Wafer Indexer (1 supplier)
Wafer Insert Valve Style (1 supplier)
Wafer Inspection Systems (9 suppliers)
Wafer Jet Cleaners (2 suppliers)
Wafer Laminating Machines (2 suppliers)
Wafer Lift Bellows (1 supplier)
Wafer Lifter Blocks (1 supplier)
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