5-Roll Turret Coaters,5-Tipped Spray Bars Suppliers & Manufacturers

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5-Roll Turret Coaters
Printco Industries, LLC

5-Tipped Spray Bars
Able Industries, Inc.

Abrasion Resistant Coatings
SDC Technologies, Inc., Exolutions, Madewell Products Corporation, more...

Acid Resistant Coatings
Exolutions, Madewell Products Corporation, Dynamic Coatings, Inc., more...

Acrylic Coatings
SDC Technologies, Inc., Exolutions, Madewell Products Corporation, more...

Acrylic Waterproofing Coating
Acrylic waterproofing coating is a water based, seamless elastomeric coating manufactured from pure acrylic polymer. It is a single pack material that bond to roofs and walls, and provide a thick flexible membrane that is totally waterproof and weatherproof.
EPDM Coatings LLC, Five Star Roofing, LLC, Thoro System Waterproofing, Inc., more...

Adapter Liners
Flohr Machine Co., Bryant Unlimited

Adhesive Applicator
Monarch Industries Inc., HAR Adhesive Technologies, Inc., Gluesticks Direct, more...

Adhesive Coating Machinery & Equipment
HAR Adhesive Technologies, Inc., Schaefer Machine Co., Inc., Dawson Mfg. Co., more...

Adhesive Dispensers
Integrated Dispensing Solutions, Inc., Monarch Industries Inc., Fluid Metering, Inc., more...

Adhesive Pattern Controller
HAR Adhesive Technologies, Inc., Robatech USA, Inc., I T W Dynatec, more...

Aerosol Paints
Rs Hughes CO Inc, Pacific Coast Sign Supply Co., Auto Body Specialties, Inc., more...

Aerosol Roof Repair
Aerosol roof repair is a roof patch that is excellent for all roof repairs including flat roof and mobile home roofs. It stops drips and seal leaks on all exposed roof areas. It allows user to easily apply a permanent fix to roof leaks in any weather. It stops roof leaks on the spot.
Interstate Products, Inc.

Air Assisted Airless HVLP Spray Guns
The unique tip and air cap design of the air assisted airless HVLP spray gun allows operators to use lower fluid and air pressure than the competition to achieve an exceptionally fine finish. It provides high transfer efficiency and a softer spray pattern with less bounceback. The main body is made of solid forged aluminum. The advantage of this type of gun is reduced overspray and VOC emissions.
Tape Industrial Sales, Inc., Painting & Process Associates, Inc., ITW Industrial Finishing, more...

Air Assisted Airless Pumps
Air assisted airless pump combines airless atomization speed with the fine finish of air spray, which makes it ideal for many finishing and coating applications that require high production levels and a relatively smooth finish such as railcar, fabricated metal parts, and farm and construction equipment.
Watson-Marlow Pumps Group Ltd., Crest Process Engineering Ltd., Airblast Limited, more...

Air Assisted and Airless Spray Outfits
ITW Industrial Finishing, Mason Morley Limited

Air Assisted Packages
Smith Pump Company, Inc.

Air Blow Gun
Tool Planet, Red Hill Supply,, more...

Air Dried Industrial Coatings
Exolutions, Toefco Engineered Coating Systems, Inc., Metal Coating Corp., more...

Air Emission Control
Fusion Environmental Corporation, Bohn Biofilter Corp., DCL International Inc.

Air Filter Regulators
Air filter regulators are designed to provide clean, and accurate air pressure to instruments, valves and other automatic control equipment under variable conditions. These regulators are designed for air service only. It has an internal relief, which provides down stream over pressure protection. These regulators are installed as close as possible to the instrument or tool, which is to service.
Pump Pro's, Inc., ControlAir, Inc, Air Purifiers, Inc., more...

Air Guns
Air gun is a pneumatic gun, which fires projectiles using compressed air or other high-pressure gas as a propellant. There are different methods of powering an air gun. These methods can be broadly divided into three groups such as spring-piston, gas ram and pneumatic. Spring-piston guns operate by means of a spring-loaded piston in a chamber separate from the barrel. Gas-ram rifles require higher precision to build, since they require a low friction sliding seal that can withstand the high pressures when cocked. Pneumatic type air guns require the pre-compression of air in a chamber prior to the gun being used. These air guns are used for hunting and military applications.
Bolt Technology Corporation, CTI Industries, Inc., Lonn Mfg. Co., Inc., more...

Air Liners
Dakota Pipelining Systems, Inc., Comp Bio Products Ltd., M. K. Engineers

Air Quality Test Kits
AFC International, Inc., Haisma Heating & Cooling Inc., ITW Industrial Finishing, more...

Air, Fluid Hoses and Connectors
Can-Am Engineered Products, Inc., Sagle's Automotive Paints, Swagelok Company, more...

Air-Fed Half-Mask Breathing Outfits
ITW Industrial Finishing

Airless Packages
World Textile and Bag, Inc., Smith Pump Company, Inc.

Airless Paint Sprayers
J. N. Equipment Service Centers, Inc., C. J. Spray, Inc., Campbell Hausfeld, more...

Airless Spray Guns
Airless spray guns use very high fluid pressures to achieve atomization. These guns are used for high volume coating flow rates rather than for high quality finishes. These guns are used to paint buildings, houses, ships, bridges, and storage tanks.
Campbell Hausfeld, WIWA Wilhelm Wagner, LP, Marker Service Corp., more...

Airless Spray Systems
Industrial Innovations, Inc., Clemtex, Inc., Marker Service Corp., more...

Alkali Resistant Coatings
Alkali resistance coatings are primarily formulated to resist reaction with alkaline materials such as lime, cement and soap. Alkali resistance coatings are fair to good resistance to solvents, mild acids, and dry food products. It finds application in covered hopper-car linings and nuclear containment facilities. It is also used in storage tanks, caustic tanks and nuclear containment facilities. Example for alkali resistance coatings is epoxy. These ordinarily have a pH between 9.5 and 11.5.
Madewell Products Corporation, Custom Concepts Performance Coatings, Benjamin Moore & Co., more...

Alkyd Coatings
Alkyd coatings are a major type of organic coating. The alkyds and modified glyptals are used as protective & decorative coatings for consumer products. These coatings are also used as corrosion protective coatings for metals. Alkyd coatings may be either air-drying or baking types. The air drying types are modified chemically by incorporating unsaturated fatty-acid groups into the polymer structure. These are used for such diverse applications as air-drying water emulsion wall paints and baked enamels for automobiles and appliances. The properties of oil-modified alkyd coatings depend on the specific oil used as well as percentage of oil in the composition.
Accu-Glass LLC, Industrial & Corrosion Products, Barnco Inc., more...

Alkyd Paints
The alkyd paints are made from alcohol and acid. These are mostly used for decorative purposes and for protection of steel exposed to relatively mild environments. These are compatible with other oil painting mediums made of oils, resins, and turpentine or mineral spirits.
Jotun Paints, Inc., Kelly Industrial Coatings, Inc., Goa Paints & Allied Products Pvt. Ltd., more...

Aluminide Coatings
Accu-Glass LLC, R. M. Lucas Co., Guangdong Litong Environmental Protection Machinery CO., LTD, more...

Aluminide Fused Coating Systems
Surface Finishing Southwest, Inc., Actis (UK) Ltd.

Aluminized Roof Coatings
Aluminized roof coatings reflect sun's heat to hold down inside temperature, as much as 15-20%. These roof coatings are used in roof top HVAC equipment, gutters, metal roofs, structural steel foundations and water proofing flat roofs. It can also be applied on anti-rust protects pipes, railings, and iron casement windows. Aluminum umbrella reflects heat from asphalt underneath to prevent deterioration, adds years of roof life.
Interstate Products, Inc., Five Star Roofing, LLC, Perk & Company, more...

Aluminum Cladding
Yeardley Engineering Company, Boyd Machine & Repair Co., Inc., Preco Turbine & Compressor Srvc. Inc., more...

Aluminum Coatings
Aluminum coatings provides complete and uniform coverage of any component or metallic substrate and can be applied in a wide range of colors to help customers achieve aesthetic objectives for their products. Aluminum coating is used as a top surfaced build-up roofs to give a uniform appearance to the roof surface, to coat the finishing felts with weather proofing asphalt and to reflect heat and sunlight.
SDC Technologies, Inc., Oerlikon Balzers Coating USA, Inc., Tri-Chem Corporation, more...

Aluminum Oxide Coatings
Steel Plant Equipment Corp., Guangdong Litong Environmental Protection Machinery CO., LTD, Lakshmi Anodizers

Aluminum Spray Wand Assemblies
Able Industries, Inc.

Anodizing is used to protect the aluminum parts by making the surface much harder than natural aluminum. It is difficult to achieve a good, consistent anodized film on castings. There are two main forms of the anodizing process, coil anodizing and batch anodizing. An anodizing finish on aluminum is chemically stable and non-toxic. The process is non- hazardous and involves no volatile compounds; it involves water-based chemistry which is easily treated. Most anodizing facilities adjust the pH of the wastewater and remove much of the aluminum solids left in solution.
Cenospheres.Net, Inc., Electro-Coatings of California, Inc., Abbott CNC Machine Shop, more...

Anti Carbonation Coatings
Anti-carbonation coatings are used as means of preventing carbon dioxide from entering concrete. The principle of anti-carbonation coatings is that they are porous enough to let water vapor move in and out of the concrete but the pores are too small for the large carbon dioxide molecule to pass through. There are anti-carbonation coatings which should be applied after carbonation repairs to stop further carbon dioxide ingress.
Madewell Products Corporation, Gulf Coast Coatings, Inc., Sundek of Austin, more...

Anti Fungal Coatings
Anti-Fungal coating provides hard coated surface. It gives long lasting protection against algae and fungal growth in damp and humid conditions. This coating was developed for glazing applications such as conservatories and other high visibility areas. Here, copper/polymer nanocomposites are proposed as anti-fungal spinnable coatings with controlled copper-releasing properties.
Madewell Products Corporation, DipTech Systems, Inc, Asian Laboratories, more...

Anti Glare Coatings
Anti-glare coating is the optical coating. It is a multi layer coating with bonds into the glass. Anti glare coating is conductive for 99.99% static ELF/VLF dissipation. The coating eliminates the glare. Examples of anti-glare coatings are Ti02-Ag, and Cd-Sn-Ox. A black coating of nickel phosphorous reflects only 0.2 percent of incident light at 630 nm.
SDC Technologies, Inc., Gulf Coast Coatings, Inc., KCC Corrosion Control, more...

Anti Skid Coatings
Anti-skid coating is applied to the entire top of tank between the runways. It is disclosed a protective coating composition suitable for application to surfaces of concrete, wood or metal to provide each surface with increased skid and chemical resistance.
Leeson Polyurethanes Ltd., Greenshield (I) Construction Chemicals Pvt. Ltd., Sterling Machine Works Inc.

Anti-Detection Low Emissivity Paints & Coatings
Composites One LLC, PPG Pittsburgh Paint, Beeler Equipment Co., more...

Anti-Fog Coatings
Antifog coating is a hydrophilic polymer based coating used to improve visibility of transparent lenses, windows and domed crystals by preventing condensation from ambient moisture. The coating is liquid based and forms a permanent transparent coating. It is applied to any substrate like glass and thermoplastic. It includes dip, spin, spray & flow coating. It is used in marine gauges, heavy construction equipment, automotive mirrors & instrument panels, aerospace glazing, military night vision lenses and outdoor vehicles.
SDC Technologies, Inc., Exxene Corp., Optical Coating Technologies Ltd.

Anti-Friction Coatings
The DECC Company, Toefco Engineered Coating Systems, Inc., Ecological Coatings, more...

Anti-Graffiti Coating
National Sealing Co., Exterior Performance Coatings, Inc., Sun Brite Supply Of Maryland, more...

Anti-Graffiti Paint
PM Industries, Ecological Coatings, Urban Hygiene Ltd, more...

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